About Emily

I collect Barbies, Beautiful Shoes, Good-Friends, American Eagles, Black and White Photos, Kitchen Gadgets, Books, Cabernet-Savignon,  and Architectural Digest (not necessarily in that order). The voices of Johnny Horton, Bryan Adams, George Jones, Angus Young, Kurt Cobain, Darren Hayes, Simon Le Bon and Joe Elliott can always put me in a great mood. But, my true love rest with-in the parameters of something that allows each of us to offer an expression that is uniquely our own.

My love for incorporating design elements is the foundation for my appreciation for all things creative.

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Fifteen years ago, my maternal Grandmother, who’s always been a huge presence in my life and whom I’m still blessed to have here today– taught me the “very” basics of quilt making.  From that day forward– as my tastes continue to evolve– my collection of fabric and the endless amounts of projects I have started have become nothing short of a pure obsession.

I live in Dripping Springs, Texas with my husband.